PEECS-HS to host a session on culturally responsive pedagogy at the 2015 SIGCSE Conference

PEECS-HS Principle Investigator Dr. Nicki Washington will be providing a workshop at the 46th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education in Kansas City, Missouri on March 4th, 2015. The workshop is entitled “Bridging the Divide: Developing Culturally-Responsive Curriculum for K-12 Computer Science Education”.


In order to increase the computer science pipeline, emphasis must be placed on not only who is taught, but also how they are taught. Traditional computer science pedagogy has been unsuccessful in attracting, engaging, instructing, and retaining underrepresented students. Culturally-responsive pedagogy must be leveraged to successfully instruct a diverse range of computer science students. With the onset of technologies such as Facebook, iPods, Xbox, smart phones, mobile applications, and more, underrepresented students are already actively engaged in utilizing computer technology. However, in order to transition them from consumers to creators of this technology, culturally responsive curriculum must teach fundamental concepts such as algorithms, problem solving, and abstraction in the context of issues that affect their daily lives.

This workshop is designed to help K-16 computer science educators, professionals, and others understand and identify activities and assignments that infuse culturally-responsive content throughout. Participants will first engage in a discussion on culturally-responsive pedagogy, why it is necessary in computer science, and how computer science is a part of their individual daily lives. Participants will then work in groups to design and present a culturally-responsive interactive lesson, extended project, and homework assignment. Each group will be provided different school and class demographics for a diverse range of scenarios and content.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of culturally-responsive pedagogy, its importance in computer science, and how to begin infusing more of it into lessons and activities. Laptops are recommended.


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